Tuesday, 19 April 2011

'Primal Futurism'

For my Final Major Project, I wanted to take my work in a different direction and really push myself with my designs. In the past I was noted for using only pastel and neutral colours in quite a vintage style as to be honest I was afraid to experiment with colour however I intend to use the most vibrant and vivid colourations throughout. I decided for this project to focus upon an actual trend set by WGSN, finding 'Primal Futurism' as the concept basis and the idea of transforming primeval and advancing it into a modern day technological aesthetic. I began to do this through the structure of refined lines, geometric shapes and photographs of flowers creating an eclectic collection of surface patterns for the fashion market. Here is a section of my mood board to express my ideas of colour, styles and imagery to research and take forward.

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