Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Hello Inspiration!

So, whilst doing research for my FMP I stumbled across the designer Belle Sauvage. Their signature style shows abstract digital prints coinciding with slick, contemporary and fresh designs for the ready to wear genre. Their current S/S 2011 collection is in my opinion amazing. I love everything from the colours to the unique garment structure and the futuristic feel. A favourite piece of mine shows a deep v-neck dress with a prominent collar showing a bright geometric pattern. The dress is strategically pieced together with the bottom panel and collar being symmetrical yet the rest a random flow of lines and blocks; even though this doesn’t have as much content it still remains very striking with a ‘robotesque’ attitude. The designs through Belle Sauvage are so unique and the bikini certainly confirms this. Each part to the pattern is so bold in colour that it seems more like a collage from a distance as opposed to a technological inspired structure. Belle Sauvage’s creation of the bikini show below indicates the distinctive style that they offer. I love their use of bold digital prints and would love to create their graphic style through my work. The Belle Sauvage Collection can also be purchased through ASOS priced from £199 to £625 depending on garment construction.

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