Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I cant draw....

I’ve always known that I'm not exactly the strongest drawer butttt with concentrating on a project like this I thought that it would have been relatively easy to draw lines etc....apparently not! I didn’t realise how hard it was to draw visually strong geometric patterns! Although I stated in my brief that my aim was 'to look more toward science rather than nature forming an artistically jazzy and graphic stylised collection that is shown through drawings of shapes, lines, architecture and the insides of modern technology for example circuit boards' I think I may have to amend it! I have decided obviously to keep the geometric theme throughout however combine photographs of flowers and transform them through Photoshop into bold and boisterous prints.  

Hello Inspiration!

So, whilst doing research for my FMP I stumbled across the designer Belle Sauvage. Their signature style shows abstract digital prints coinciding with slick, contemporary and fresh designs for the ready to wear genre. Their current S/S 2011 collection is in my opinion amazing. I love everything from the colours to the unique garment structure and the futuristic feel. A favourite piece of mine shows a deep v-neck dress with a prominent collar showing a bright geometric pattern. The dress is strategically pieced together with the bottom panel and collar being symmetrical yet the rest a random flow of lines and blocks; even though this doesn’t have as much content it still remains very striking with a ‘robotesque’ attitude. The designs through Belle Sauvage are so unique and the bikini certainly confirms this. Each part to the pattern is so bold in colour that it seems more like a collage from a distance as opposed to a technological inspired structure. Belle Sauvage’s creation of the bikini show below indicates the distinctive style that they offer. I love their use of bold digital prints and would love to create their graphic style through my work. The Belle Sauvage Collection can also be purchased through ASOS priced from £199 to £625 depending on garment construction.

'Primal Futurism'

For my Final Major Project, I wanted to take my work in a different direction and really push myself with my designs. In the past I was noted for using only pastel and neutral colours in quite a vintage style as to be honest I was afraid to experiment with colour however I intend to use the most vibrant and vivid colourations throughout. I decided for this project to focus upon an actual trend set by WGSN, finding 'Primal Futurism' as the concept basis and the idea of transforming primeval and advancing it into a modern day technological aesthetic. I began to do this through the structure of refined lines, geometric shapes and photographs of flowers creating an eclectic collection of surface patterns for the fashion market. Here is a section of my mood board to express my ideas of colour, styles and imagery to research and take forward.