Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Would you like a carrier bag?

My Minor Project was initially intended for the interiors market however with the style of my drawings and the little time scale that I had left, I decided to do fashion. Whilst wanting to do something quite different from the rest of the class I began to research into top designer fashion houses seeking the inspiration to spark some needed motivation. I wanted to produce placement prints and found that my work already completed would compliment and sit nice on scarf designs. A few days later I travelled to Barcelona for a short weekend break and stumbled across Hermes, a store renowned for its scarves. With no better opportunity to see the scarves in 'real life' I went into the shop to look at the fabric and print in closer detail. I was looking around for a catalogue to extend my research and couldn't believe my luck when the assistant asked "would you like a carrier bag?" My very first and no doubt only Hermes bag....

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