Wednesday, 2 March 2011

'A Wartime Love'

For my Minor Project I wanted to action a project which held a different concept to anything that I've done before. My typical preferred style consists of very pastel tones with a vintage edge however with the college days nearly over I thought that it was about time that I experimented as much as possible. Whilst visiting a friend who studies fashion in London, we visited the Imperial War Museum where I took photos and gained immense inspiration for the looming project. Whilst looking around I was enthused by the packages and letters that were exhibited which had been sent home to civilians from their loved ones serving in the war. In order to convey my ideas I did not want to produce the conventional, 'oh she's doing the war...she'll draw planes and parachutes' but thought about the way in which to express the love and separation of couples hence the title. Instead, I found it appropriate to express connotations toward love so collected imagery of swallows, lovebirds, peacocks, hearts and love letters/notes.

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