Monday, 7 March 2011

Love Love Love the 'undo' button...

My journal of stylised miniature mood boards inspired me intensely and made me excited about the project in hand. As I knew that I was going to do digital print for my samples and finals, I kept my drawings very plain relying on Photoshop to insert the colour where applicable. My absolute saviour whilst developing was the 'undo' button on Photoshop. The continuous thought of 'hmmm....which colour would go better here.....delete' was replayed on countless occasions! I definitely think that my strength lies within digital print and Photoshop as I literally can't screen print or even dye fabrics for that matter without there being tears and major wastage of fabric! My style of drawing is quite naive and innocent and by no means illustrative as it must be said I am not the strongest drawer.... Here are a few examples!

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