Friday, 11 March 2011

Always look on the bright side...

I received my feedback for the Minor Project and was a little disappointed with the results. I only achieved a mark of 50 however to be honest I probably deserved it! I came into third year with an intention to work so hard, get my head down and get the marks to get an overall degree with a 2.1 classification.....this however has so far not exactly happened. Once I got started on the design work, I enjoyed it so much as I find placement prints quite easy to create especially on Photoshop. The scarf which I feel is visually the strongest is the swallow print due to the intense colouring and original layout. I definitely feel that the Minor Project was a learning curve for me and because of the advanced Photoshop skills I learnt as well as valuable samples to strengthen my portfolio.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Would you like a carrier bag?

My Minor Project was initially intended for the interiors market however with the style of my drawings and the little time scale that I had left, I decided to do fashion. Whilst wanting to do something quite different from the rest of the class I began to research into top designer fashion houses seeking the inspiration to spark some needed motivation. I wanted to produce placement prints and found that my work already completed would compliment and sit nice on scarf designs. A few days later I travelled to Barcelona for a short weekend break and stumbled across Hermes, a store renowned for its scarves. With no better opportunity to see the scarves in 'real life' I went into the shop to look at the fabric and print in closer detail. I was looking around for a catalogue to extend my research and couldn't believe my luck when the assistant asked "would you like a carrier bag?" My very first and no doubt only Hermes bag....

Monday, 7 March 2011

Love Love Love the 'undo' button...

My journal of stylised miniature mood boards inspired me intensely and made me excited about the project in hand. As I knew that I was going to do digital print for my samples and finals, I kept my drawings very plain relying on Photoshop to insert the colour where applicable. My absolute saviour whilst developing was the 'undo' button on Photoshop. The continuous thought of 'hmmm....which colour would go better here.....delete' was replayed on countless occasions! I definitely think that my strength lies within digital print and Photoshop as I literally can't screen print or even dye fabrics for that matter without there being tears and major wastage of fabric! My style of drawing is quite naive and innocent and by no means illustrative as it must be said I am not the strongest drawer.... Here are a few examples!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

'A Wartime Love'

For my Minor Project I wanted to action a project which held a different concept to anything that I've done before. My typical preferred style consists of very pastel tones with a vintage edge however with the college days nearly over I thought that it was about time that I experimented as much as possible. Whilst visiting a friend who studies fashion in London, we visited the Imperial War Museum where I took photos and gained immense inspiration for the looming project. Whilst looking around I was enthused by the packages and letters that were exhibited which had been sent home to civilians from their loved ones serving in the war. In order to convey my ideas I did not want to produce the conventional, 'oh she's doing the war...she'll draw planes and parachutes' but thought about the way in which to express the love and separation of couples hence the title. Instead, I found it appropriate to express connotations toward love so collected imagery of swallows, lovebirds, peacocks, hearts and love letters/notes.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Where the wonders of modern science began....

“Tide of innovation that stimulated a man’s mind to an extraordinary extent.”
       Quennell. M A history of everyday things in England Page. 77

Completing my dissertation was truly one of the most difficult pieces of writing that I have ever had to action. The topic in itself was in the beginning a chore to even research as I genuinely had no idea or interest to the background of the Industrial Revolution.... an element which I now regret. The topic provoked a continuous questioning of where the world would stand without such technological advances and how my life would differ from the one I hold today; to be honest has the Revolution even ended? I feel the utmost remorse for the children subject to the hardship within the Revolution as their lives became accustomed to the regimental and monotonous nature of the machine with conditions no better than the situation itself. It is said that 'trial and error' is a method of reaching the exact solution of a problem and this is evident no more so than through the revolution and the machinery constructed. The mechanisations of some of the most creative inventions were at the time formed by somewhat amateurs, using basic tools and no background knowledge of the field changing industries forever. I tried so hard to complete my dissertation to a high standard and after receiving my marks and feedback yesterday, I was awarded a 2:1 with a mark of 61.